As a child, I watched my grandmother cook with love for her family, which developed without premeditation in me an interest, love and dedication for cooking and food preparation. Years later, invitations from the Kury Zaiter family to dinner in restaurants or in the home of Doña Italia Trifilio Zaiter strengthened my interest in cooking.  At Doña Italia’s house, there was always a banquet served by her. Her example and my grandmother’s encouraged me to become the chef, caterer, event coordinator and entrepreneur that I am today. I have been fortunate to be able to turn my passion into a project more than 20 years of experience and a long list of clients that make every day a new challenge.


Agrópolis (2004 -2008) - consulting services for chefs stage , responsible for the coordination of guest chefs for cooking demonstrations and children's area in which the child could participate in the entire process, from seeing the animals and harvesting fruits to making smoothies with fresh fruit and milk during most important the agricultural and culinary fair in Puerto Rico.

The Chef Store (2002 - 2007) - uniform sales and designs made with high quality materials for the hotel and restaurant industry.

PlazaFoodFest @ Plaza las Americas (2002 - 2006) - design and production of event in collaboration with the management of Plaza Las Americas, the largest mall in the Caribbean, including stage design, development stage events calendar, staff coordination, invitations to chefs and development and sale of proposals for exhibitors during the event.

Puerto Rico Restaurant Show (2003 - 2006) - first event dedicated to the restaurant industry in Puerto Rico to join industry professionals and students, including baristas, bartenders, waiters, chefs and students with the aim of raising the quality of this industry through seminars, exhibitions and competitions.

Future Chef Convention (2002) - creation, design and production of event dedicated to the development of new talent in the culinary arts, the promotion of culinary education and motivation of future chefs through competitions and awarding of scholarships to study in renowned culinary institutes in the U.S.

Culinary Arts & Reality Show ( 2002 ) - fundraising event for the purchase of kitchen equipment for the San Francisco Church, which serves the homeless population in Old San Juan. Multidisciplinary event where different branches of the arts and fine dining converged. Included dinner with several courses, animation by renowned plastic artist Antonio Martorell and a show of Afro Rican Jazz by Master William Cepeda and students of the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, accompanied by dance students of the School of Arts of Carolina. A canvas more than 40 feet long was painted live by young artists, now recognized inside and outside the island, and the participation of the winners of the Future Chef Convention, Mixology Master Jorge Lopez and students from the Art League of PR.

The largest brew of Yaucono Coffee (date) - design of coffee pot over 22 'tall for a serving of 7,000 cups in Plaza Las Americas in collaboration with Mr. Leizan of Al Euro, barista Haolis Aguilar and Alberto "Beto" Rodriguez of Rodum.

Ryan Steak House, Orlando , FL (1992) - Responsible for the inventory, maintenance and preparation of salads of cold buffet area.

Private dining and protocol events

  • Power Family Dinner to mark the return to Puerto Rico of the remains of the illustrious Ramón Power y Giralt
  • Dinner in honor of the Honorable Sonia Sotomayor
  • Swearing in dinner for Honorable Sila Maria Calderon
  • Dinner for the Honorable Consul of the United States in El Salvador, Mari Carmen Aponte
  • Dinner in honor of the Princess Elena of Spain in El Faro de Fajardo

Other services

  • Consulting to Restaurants and Brands - concept development, equipment purchases, employee selection and training, menu creation, permitting, job descriptions, recipes development
  • Special Events - buffet and outdoor dining, dinners near EcoTours caves, food delivery to boats and sailboats, private chef
  • Event Coordination
  • Foodstyling

    Petite Chef bookPetite Chef book Family Recipe bookFamily Recipe book


  • SER de Puerto Rico
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Festival de la Palabra (literary festival)
  • Wine tasting Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas (private girls school)
  • San Francisco de Asis Church in Old San Juan
  • Catholic Youth Day in Puerto Rico
  • Quaker Oats recipe book
  • Marketing image for Institute of Banking and Commerce

Achievements and awards

  • 2002 Senate and House of Representatives resolution to honor Yamira Ortiz Plumey
  • 5,000 servings of Quaker Oats during Plaza FoodFest
  • About 4,000 services of the famous Tito Trinidad “pigeon broth” to raise funds for the Special Olympics
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